Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Housework Is No Longer Only a Women's Job

On International Women’s Day we celebrate women’s achievements and reflect on how far we have come and what we still need to work towards to create parity.
Back in the day women’s roles focused predominantly on cleaning, cooking, raising children and being housewives.
According to Huffington Post:  “Recent years show the line between male and female roles is becoming blurred. Men are taking a more active part in homemaking and child rearing, and women are thriving in the business world.”

credit: Benjamin Gray
Not only have the roles changed in some instances but new innovations have also created transformations at home.  Technology has paved the way to making home chores far easier and quicker. takes us on a tour of the greatest era for innovation.  “Homes were changing, as the innovations that were being increasingly adopted in 1920 became truly universal.”
Needless to say, one of the greatest home innovations in the 70’s was the microwave:  “In 1970, anyone who needed to reheat leftovers faced a messy, time-consuming task at the stove — not the quick minute in a microwave of today. The microwave was introduced in 1965 and was not widely purchased until the 1980s.”

The dishwasher concept came to life over 160 years ago, but were nowhere near as efficient and effective as the machines we use today, according to  “In fact, the first dishwasher that even remotely resembles modern models was created by an English inventor in 1924, who implemented the rack system and rotating sprayer common in dishwashers today. By the 1970’s, the dishwasher transitioned from a fringe item to a necessary appliance and by 2012, 75 percent of American households would own a dishwasher.”

In recent decades additional technological inventions streamlined the household chore list with the first robotic vacuum cleaner launched to consumers in 1996.

In 2016, The Wall Street Journal echoed Huffington’s Post findings:  “An epic change is happening inside American homes: Men are doing more laundry.”

Debbie Cohen-Abravanel - CMO - FoldiMate
According to their study “Many men have little choice. More men are single - 47% of the adult male population in the U.S., according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Married men now do 42% of all housework, more than double the amount they did 30 years ago”.

In the United Kingdom however “70 per cent of all housework is done by women, and nearly two-thirds of all chores is done by them even if they work over 30 hours per week.” Huffington Post UK edition shone the spotlight on this issue stating that “The European Union is being asked to make sure men do at least half of the household chores as part of a ‘strategy for equality’.”

Family man and FoldiMate™ CEO, Gal Rozov contributes to the growing global statistics of men championing housework: “I have always taken on household chores and am the first to admit that I am terrible at many of them.  When it came to folding laundry my wife never approved of the quality of my laundry folding.  A few years ago I thought ‘why don’t we have a laundry folding machine?  We have a washer and dryer and even a robotic vacuum cleaner, so why not a folding machine.’  My wife was my inspiration and so the idea of FoldiMate came about.”

Gal Rozov - CEO - FoldiMate

He believes that whilst we have come along way in the past 50 years we still have work to do in bridging the gap to a more balanced picture of equality.
“At FoldiMate, we believe that just like there is no ‘one fold’ solution when folding different garments, we acknowledge and recognize that in the workplace each person is different. We embrace diversity as an opportunity and as such, created an all-inclusive flexible culture and family centric workstyle that focuses rather on the individual and creating an environment for them to thrive in, irrespective of gender, race, age etc.  
As a father and technology geek leading a global start-up, it is my responsibility to promote equality for all, not just today, on International Women's Day, but on all days.
I continue to champion women’s self-fulfilment at home and in the workplace and encourage you to #BeBoldForChange and establish a culture that promotes flexibility and equality at home and in the workplace” concludes Rozov.

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