FoldiMate Named TiE50 Award Winner at TiEcon

FoldiMate, the inventor of the robotic laundry folder,  is excited to announce that it has been selected as a 2019 TiE50 Winner in the prestigious TiE50 Awards Program. This awards competition, now in its tenth year, is a program of TiEcon, the world’s largest conference for tech entrepreneurs. FoldiMate was selected from over 3000 submissions and recognized for its robotic laundry folder that will easily and quickly fold your laundry into neat piles ready to put away.

We are thrilled and honored to receive such a prestigious award. It is all about team work. We could never have built such a product, or a company without our exceptionally talented, hard-working team. 

“TiE50 has become a global brand and this year we screened entries from all over the world and from a very diverse set of industries including AI, autonomous vehicles, FinTech, sustainable textiles, medical devices, robotics, fuel cells, networking, healthcare, logistics and security. We screened and selected the TiE50 winners as recognition of the potential of the companies and innovation they are bringing to market. TiE50 program has gained notoriety over the past decade as a competition run with the highest level of integrity and vigorous screening and judging by domain experts,” said Kamal Anand, TiE50 Program Chair.

“For over 27 years as a not-for-profit organization dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship and with a global footprint of half million entrepreneurs, enterprise executives, and investment professionals, at TiE Silicon Valley we take pride in the fact that we have created TiE50, a strong 10-year-old brand for recognizing high potential startups,” said B.J. Arun, President, TiE Silicon Valley.

The TiE50 Awards will be presented to the winners during a ceremony at May 11th during TiEcon at Santa Clara Convention Center. For more information, please go to

About FoldiMate

FoldiMate Inc. is a California based startup committed to simplifying household chores affordably through technology, innovation and robotics.  The company’s first robotic product, FoldiMate, will put an end to laundry folding as we know it.

About Tie50

Now celebrating its tenth year, TiE50 Awards provides a one-of-a-kind showcase for the world’s top technology and technology-enabled startups. TiE Silicon Valley’s premier annual awards program is keenly contested by thousands of early- to mid-stage startups of all sizes representing a wide range of verticals. Applications are rigorously reviewed by a panel of judges including venture capitalists, angels, successful entrepreneurs, and corporate executives. Since its inception, 84 percent of TiE50 winners and top startups have been funded at a total of over $1 billion. Many of these companies went on to acquisition or IPO with 29 of the exits at over $100 million.

About TiEcon

TiEcon is the world’s largest conference for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs with participation from top technology companies, leading venture capital firms, and global service providers. Delegates range from CEOs of top companies to first-time entrepreneurs as well as corporate executives and investment professionals. TiEcon was listed as one of the 10 best conferences for ideas and entrepreneurship by Worth Magazine, along with TED and the World Economic Forum. TiEcon 2018 attracted 5,000 attendees from 22 countries. More information:  

Spring Is Here Which Means It’s Time For Spring Cleaning!

Are you ready to start spring cleaning your closets? Take a look through them and find all the items you haven’t worn in the last 12 months. Do you really need them? Will you really ever where them again? Chances are that in most cases the answer will be “no”, however, someone, somewhere, would probably really appreciate receiving them, so get ready for National Laundry Folding Day.

Now is the time to give them away to people in need. 

National Laundry Folding Day #NLFD

On March 30th  2019 it’s National Laundry Folding Day and the week of April 1st 2019 is National Laundry Folding Week #NLFW.  Join us in dedicating these days to organizing your closets and donating unwanted items to others in need. Just take all your unused and unwanted clothes to your local charity store, and they will make sure that they will reach their new home. 

Share Your Efforts!

Share a photo of you arranging your closets and/or your bags of donations on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram ➡ add #NLFD #NLFW and convince your friends and family to do the same. They will not only have more space in their closets but they will be helping someone in need! 

#NLFD #NLFW #NationalLaundryFoldingDay #NationalLaundryFoldingWeek

Looking forward to seeing your photos,
Take Care,
Your FoldiMates

FoldiMate, the Robotic Laundry Folding Machine, Demos a Fully Functional Prototype at CES – PRESS RELEASE

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FoldiMate Will Reveal Video of Latest Prototype and an Interactive Mockup at IFA 2018 – PRESS RELEASE

FoldiMate Inc., the Inventors of the Robotic Laundry Folding Machine Will Reveal a Video of Their Latest Prototype and an Interactive Mockup at IFA 2018

Oak Park, CALIFORNIA – (September 6, 2018) – FoldiMate Inc. the creator of the robotic laundry folding machine for home and commercial use, is exhibiting its latest model at IFA, one of Europe’s largest trade shows for consumer electronics trade and home appliances. Attendees are welcome to visit FoldiMate’s booth #124 in Hall 26 between 31th August – 5th September 2018.

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When it comes to shopping, it’s easy to get carried away – some clothes are so cheap these days, it almost seems to be too good to be true. And often, it is!

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