Appliances That Make Chores Easy For Kids

Humankind has been busy inventing clever devices that can help us with our home chores for centuries. At this moment, engineers around the globe are sitting in their lab or garage and working on creating the world’s next life-changing technology. 

Even though most appliances still require a human to push the buttons, they help us save time and take care of our tedious house work for us. Our modern conveniences also allow us to share the load of house chores with every member of the family, especially with our kids.

Letting kids participate in the house chores can help them feel included and responsible for their share but adding appliances or robotics to the mix can turn some chores into a neat experience.  The question that remains is – which home appliances can be easy for kids to use?  

To map out the recommended possibilities, we’ve prepared a breakdown of home appliances that make chores easy for kids.

Let’s get to it! 

Appliances That Make Chores Easy For Kids

Washing The Dishes  

Once Upon A Dishwasher…   

The most known version of a hand powered dishwasher was invented by Josephine Cochrane in 1887. Cochrane, a wealthy socialite, was looking to take better care of her precious china when she came up with the idea for the dishwasher. However, it was only in the 1950’s that the dishwasher became a commercial success in homes worldwide and worked more like the dishwasher that we know today. 

How Can Kids Help With Washing The Dishes?  

Placing the dishes into the dishwasher can be an easy task that kids of any age can do. If you feel that they can handle giving the plate a rinse before carefully placing it inside the dishwasher, help them with a small stool that they can stand on when they want to reach the sink. It’ll help make it accessible and fun, as well as prevent them from accidentally flooding the sink.  

What Would Life BLike Without Dishwashers? 

Imagine a world who can only wash the dishes manually. Did you feel that chill down your spine? That’s just how much we appreciate the majestic dishwasher.  

Appliances That Make Chores Easy For Kids

Washing Our Clothes 

Once Upon A Washer…  

The emerge of the washer was a huge step towards the liberation of women. Before washing machines were commonly being used in homes, clothes and linen were being manually washed by a laundress or housewife in a long and grueling procedure. The machines created curiosity and were advertised since 1904, but the first patent of a washing machine was only issued in 1691. The true inventor of the electric washing machine forever remains unknown.  

How Can Kids Help With Washing Clothes?  

Sorting between whites and colors can be a fun and easy task for even the youngest of youngsters. Doing it with them for the first time can help them learn quickly. To rationalize the importance of their role, share the story about the single red sock that once hid in the washer under your pile of whites.   

Older kids can be shown how to put dirty laundry inside the wash, to apply detergent & softener, and how to operate the right setting for each type of load. Taking  care of clothes should be a no-brainer for today’s tech savvy children and a huge step towards staying on top of the house chores with every member of the family pitching in.  

They also might thank you for the early lesson when you send them away for summer camp or college 🙂    

What Would Life BLike Without Washing Machines? 

If you had to hand-wash each item separately on a washing board with soap and water, would you ever bother washing anything at all? Exactly. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about it.

Appliances That Make Chores Easy For Kids

Drying the Laundry   

Once Upon A Dryer…  

The first hand-operated clothes dryer appeared in 1800 and was created in France by M. Pochon. However, it was only in the 20th century when an American inventor, Ross Moore, developed a model for an automatic clothes dryer that was first introduced to the public in 1938. Since then, it has become one of our favorite essential appliances, and one that kids can help with too! 

How Can Kids Help With Drying Laundry? 

You can keep a box of dryer scent-sheets nearby and show your kid how to first properly open the washer when it’s finished. Show them how to take the clean pile of clothes from the washer straight into the dryer along with adding in scent sheet. Then, you can teach them what program to use for each type of load and how to get it started. Putting clothes into the dryer can be pretty easy for young kids and is an important chore to be in charge of.  

What Would Life BLike Without Dryers? 

We would probably have to hang our laundry and wait for it to dry, which isn’t always as convenient.  

Appliances That Make Chores Easy For Kids

Folding The Laundry 

Folding laundry is the last frontier in home chores that still requires tedious time consuming manual labor. And, let’s face it, most of us aren’t so good at folding and we can’t expect our kids to handle it easily either.  

“We have a washer and a dryer, so why don’t we have a folder?”, Gal Rozov,  the inventor of the robotic laundry folding machine asked in a 2012. Since then, FoldiMate has been in the works of developing a simple and affordable robotic laundry folding machine made for homes worldwide. FoldiMate is planning to unveil the company’s latest model and design in January at CES 2019.   

 How Can Kids Help With The Laundry Folding 

Along with taking the work out of laundry folding, having a robotic laundry folding machine that is easy for kids to use turns the chore of folding the laundry into something that children can have fun with.

All they need to do is clip each item onto FoldiMate and a neatly folded pile will quickly appear at the bottom. Using a robotic device instead of folding by hand can turn laundry folding into a futuristic activity that your kids will probably want to brag about at school.  

What Will the World BLike With Laundry Folding Machines? 

We expect our closets to be neater and our time free to do the things that we love. #ComingSoon  

Do your home appliances make the house chores easier for your kids? Let us know in the comments below! 

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