CES 2019 and Product Update

Yes, it’s that time of the year again and we’re back with our traditional, post-CES update, however, before we share our CES news we would just like to thank all those who participated in the research interviews we ran in L.A. after CES, and for bringing their own laundry  to fold.

We watched, recorded, documented and learned from these interviews and all of this valuable feedback has now been shared with our R&D team. As we keep reminding you, we will not manufacture a product until we are certain you will be happy incorporating it into your weekly routine, and that is why participating in this research is crucial for both you and especially for FoldiMate.



Interested in participating in future home or business research?

Home use: In order to make sure that FoldiMate will suit your lifestyle we need your input. We are looking for people from different backgrounds, cultures, and folding habits.

Home owners – complete this form for a chance to participate in pilots and research during 2019.

Business use: We have received many requests from business owners who plan to use FoldiMate in their business, so we are considering developing a suitable model that will withstand heavy commercial use.

Business owners – complete this form for a chance to participate in future research and to help us understand your business needs.

We are aware that there are many more of you who requested to participate in the recent research but weren’t invited. Unfortunately we have limited time slots for these session, but we hope that you will be able to participate in future research or even as part of our beta program. To make sure we can let you know when new opportunities are available – complete one of the above forms.

CES 2019

Back to CES. Once again FoldiMate was one of the most popular products displayed at CES, especially as this year we delivered what we had promised the previous year, and we brought an elegantly designed and fully functional FoldiMate prototype.


We proudly demonstrated this latest model throughout the show, and received incredible feedback, encouragement, media coverage and even The Best of CES 2019 award from Business Insider.


best of CES 2019

Watch our interview with Digital Trends while using the latest fully-designed and fully-functional prototype in action:

It isn’t possibly to share all the coverage we received from CES, as there were hundreds of articles, videos, radio and TV coverage in multiple languages, however, there are two extraordinary pieces we feel are particularly special:

  1. Rich DeMuro, a tech reporter for Los Angeles’ top ranked KTLA 5 Morning News, has had more views of his FoldiMate video than he has ever had from any other video he has EVER shared (we know because we asked him 🙂 )  At the time of writing this it already has over 112M views. See it here
  2. Gage Edwards, a staff writer at http://n3rdabl3.com   created a crazy video about FoldiMate that just blew us away – watch it here:

    We discovered that Gage had neither been to CES nor Las Vegas and within 24 hours we setup a GoFundMe campaign to help him finance a trip to meet the “love of his life” at CES and we videoed every moment of his first meeting with FoldiMate – Click here to see Gage unite with FoldiMate.

As we mentioned above, our R&D team is now busy designing and implementing upgrades to certain aspects of the FoldiMate experience as a result of recent research feedback. We still hope to start shipping first units at the end of 2019 to the US and follow with other regions. All regions will be prioritized according to pre-order waitlist demand (if you’re not on the waitlist yet, join here).

We appreciate your patience as we work hard to reach a highly rated, first ever, robotic folder that will ship to your home once ready – we will be keeping you informed in the process as always. Thanks to your ongoing support and feedback FoldiMate will very soon become an integral part of our daily life.

Successful 2019 greetings to us all,

Gal Rozov
CEO & Founder

38 thoughts on “CES 2019 and Product Update”

  1. Does the new version have the ability to iron clothes as well?

    i beleive that s the most essential thing before folding is implemented.

  2. Haven’t received an update in a while. Paid deposit on Jan 2018. Want to make sure everything is still in order for our family to purchase a foldimate when available.

  3. Been following you for years now and was one of the first people to contribute! Would be nice to get an actual timeline of when you’re planning to launch.

      1. Please,i would like to buy it!
        I am from Belgium!
        Please let me know how to purchase!
        Thank you!

        1. At the moment it isn’t possible to purchase. We are closing an investment round if you are interested in becoming an investor info.foldimate.com/invest/website-hp

  4. How big is the size of the clothes folded with Foldmate?

    How many centimeters vertically? How many centimeters horizontally?

    1. FoldiMate’s first and biggest challenge is to fold your laundry. We know you’d like it to iron, or at least reduce wrinkles, so we’ve included this challenge on our future product roadmap which will be prioritized according to demand. Spraying perfume will also be considered in the future if there is demand. Thanks for your question and interest 🙂

  5. It needs to fold more than shirts I saw one a couple years ago that lets you put anything in and it folds it all without feeding the clothes in just dump the clothes in the bottom.

  6. We plan open commercial store at Southern india popular cities, so if you have anything to well iron and fold robotic machine, please let me know.
    Thank you for making the life easier.

  7. This was supposed to have been available in late 2019 and it doesn’t appear to have happened? Is there an updated estimate product launch?

    1. Hi Bill,
      A few months ago we successfully raised an equity crowdfunding round where we stated it’ll take longer than anticipated. We have to secure the necessary funds to establish the production facility and go through the long and costly manufacturing process.

      Rest assured we are doing our best to reach the market ASAP, please follow our Blog for periodic progress updates.

      Take care,
      The FoldiTeam

      1. I personally think the product is fantastic and would be more than willing to buy. I am sure there are a great deal of logistics I am unaware of, but I look forward to hopefully this becoming a product for purchase not just a concept.

        This feels like an ideal product to pitch on Shark Tank. I am sure that may have been discussed but do you feel it would be viable?

        1. Thank you Bill,
          We already raised upwards of $9M. The next round requires a substantial investment in order to produce the units, that’s why we’re focusing on partnerships with large appliance manufacturers.

          Many thanks,
          The FoldiTeam

    1. Dear Alysha,
      We’re working on securing the funds to mass-produce the units. Please read our latest blog post for progress updates and stay tuned.

      Stay healthy and safe,
      The FoldiTeam

  8. Hi foldimate
    I want to know when the product is going to be available
    I joined and reserved the machine back in 2018
    The last update was to start pre shipment in late 2019
    Thank you

    1. Hi Gianni,
      We’re doing the best we can and the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t making it any easier. Please read our latest blog post and follow the updates…

      Take care,
      The FoldiTeam

  9. Dear The FoldiTeam
    I am Nur, From CV PRATAMA ABADI SEJAHTER, Indonesian company,
    I want to buy 2 pcs foldimate folding machine ?
    is it available ? and how can i buy it ?

  10. Hello, I was Just wondering how to get onto the R&D program as an independent small business owner? I’m currently partnered with Sud Share and LaundryCare.biz as an independent contractor. I see close to 20 loads A day from different clients and I would really like to try out a couple of these machines to see if I can increase productivity! Im Already on the wait list and will advocate for crowd funding with my clients to get this up and rolling already!

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