FoldiMate Milestones by Numbers

Many of you have been asking about product and company updates and, yes, we admit we have been a little quiet lately, however, we have been very busy!

Just before we head out to meet the world again, this time starting at CES 2018 (with a few great surprises up our sleeves), we wanted to look back on this Innovative venture of ours, and share with you some of our challenges and accomplishments from over the last 16 months.

We have listened to you, our customers, via 16 focus groups that took place in 3 different countries, and via a survey where 20,000 of you helped us understand your laundry habits, and requests and wishes for this new machine.

We are often reminded that the start-up road is full of bumps, a few fast turns and not too many shortcuts on the way and, we want to give you a glimpse at what we’ve been through so far in the journey to bring robotic laundry folding into the world.     

Having that most of our team members are robotic engineers, we thought it would only be suitable to tell our story… well, by numbers 😉

Shall we begin?

Infographic - FoldliMate Facts.png

3 thoughts on “FoldiMate Milestones by Numbers”

  1. I think I met a very interesting home robot. I’m glad.
    And it would be good to have data related to marketability or related products or catalogs.
    I’ll be waiting for your good news.

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