FoldiMate #NeedAFoldiMate Competition Finalists – CES 2017

So CES 2017 is behind us, but that doesn’t mean it has been forgotten.
Thousands of people passed through our booth, and we can’t express our appreciation enough to everyone who was willing to be interviewed and/or taken part in our social competition.
For those who were not at CES, the competition was for either creative videos in our booth or photos of whiteboard messages. The participants then had to share the photo or video on either Twitter, Instagram or Facebook with the hashtags #NeedAFoldiMate and #CES2017.
We had some great whiteboard messages and some really cool and funny videos. It has been a difficult choice, and we have decided that there were so many good submissions that we had to mention a few of them.
These are the competition finalists.

Whiteboard No. 1

Paolo Tosolini posted this to Twitter with this Tweet:

#CES2017 Why do you #needafoldimate? Follow the math, it’s always right. Your robotic laundry folding friend Paulo was the first person to be creative and use both colors (purple and black) and we absolutely adore his mathematical equation.

FoldiMate Math


Whiteboard No. 2

Amanda Gelbar posted this to Twitter with this Tweet:

#needafoldimate #CES2017 I’d rather be creating and solving problems #Engineering

We told Amanda to get creative so she literally took a shirt from one of the baskets and threw it on her head. We loved the spontaneity and that great hashtag on the whiteboard.



Video No. 1

Karen Bleacher was so much fun in our booth. Just see the video she created. We absolutely love it, especially when she kisses her husband at the end.


Video No. 2

It is difficult not to get excited about FoldiMate when Tod Tangonan talks about it. He is referring to our CEO, Gal Rozov when he shows the business card.  He is so thrilled about FoldiMate he shared his video on all 3 social networks. Yes, he will still need to find someone to put his laundry away, but once his laundry is folded into beautiful neat piles it will be so much easier!


We just want to thank you so much for all of your support and enthusiasm. We are just as excited as you about FoldiMate and we want to assure you that our R&D team are really working as hard and as fast as possible to release a product that we will be proud of and that you, our customers, will be delighted with.

More product news coming shortly.

The WINNER will be announced next week.

Have a great weekend!
Your Folding Mates

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