FoldiMate Product Update – January 2017

We have been receiving some questions regarding product updates from customers who have registered or paid a deposit for FoldiMate.

Please note that our timeline hasn’t changed from when we first announced FoldiMate and we have met, and are still meeting all our targets.

This post is to share some information with you and to explain our prototype and production plan.What is a FoldiMate prototype?

Our prototypes are functional machines that use a folding technique. With each new prototype we expand its capabilities and progress towards the final prototype (EPT – Engineering prototype) which is derived from the experience we gain from previous prototypes.

What prototypes have we developed so far?

We have developed four prototypes so far, and are now working on our fifth which is still not entirely complete, however, it is the first prototype that is capable of running the entire folding process, from clipping to stacking of the items. At this stage it can only fold specific shirts and pillowcases.

This was our previous prototype (Alpha 4) which was only capable of folding (no clipping and stacking)




This is our newest prototype (Alpha 5) which we unveiled in CES 2017. Note that this prototype is slightly larger than the final EPT. The reason for this is to enable the engineers to work on the various internal parts, but rest assured the final product will be around the size of an average dryer/washer.



To protect our work and to keep our technology safe the latest prototype has to be covered.

We will try to inform you of updates as they are made available but please bear in mind that there are limitations due to pending patents.

Why will the first units only ship at the end of 2018 And not sooner?

Building a mass production line for a new hardware product takes time, especially when it involves robotics and mechatronics such as those being used in FoldiMate.

Before we can develop a manufacturing line we still need to create between 2-3 additional prototypes. We will then reach the EPT (Engineering Prototype) explained above. This engineering prototype will look and function in a similar manner to the end product, however, it will cost much more to manufacture.

Once we have reached this stage it will take around a year to run quality checks, gain relevant certification, and build a factory that will mass manufacture FoldiMate at a price that is affordable to you, our customers.

Thank you for your support.
More updates and videos of our Alpha 5 prototype coming shortly.
If you have any further questions please write directly to us at

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