FoldiMate Reaches The Minimum Funding Target on SeedInvest

We’re happy to announce that we successfully reached our minimum funding target of $600,000 in our recent equity crowdfunding campaign, which was run on the SeedInvest platform

We’d like to thank you for your support, and a special thanks to those of you who participated in this round.

These funds will be used primarily to run pilots with our existing prototype in multi-family shared laundry rooms in the US.
(If you are a laundry equipment supplier or route operator and would like to participate in this pilot by placing the FoldiMate prototype in a shared laundry room
please complete this short form).

One of the purposes of this crowdfunding round was to give our deposit holders and fans the opportunity to invest in FoldiMate in order to own securities in the company. 

We are aware that some fans attempted to invest after the round was closed, and that many of you did not receive our emails inviting you to invest. Unfortunately, it seems that some of our emails have been entering your spam folders and therefore we recommend that you add gal[dot]rozov[at] and info[at] as contacts to avoid this occurring in the future.

If you could be interested in investing in future funding rounds please let us know by completing our Contact Us form.

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15 thoughts on “FoldiMate Reaches The Minimum Funding Target on SeedInvest”

        1. Hi Sue,
          If you follow our blog you will see that we are currently working on raising the funds to produce the units. We don’t know yet but we’ll keep you posted on the blog.

          The FoldiTeam

  1. Hello my name hung pham I’m form ho chi minh city in vietnam. How long time the machines sale in Vietnam.?

    1. The coronavirus effect on business is making it very hard for us to fundraise and produce the units. We’ll update as soon as we have something new to report.

  2. Hello my name Shrinivas I’m form india city in india. How long time the machines sale in india.?

      1. Hi Brian,
        We had a few potential deals that fell down as the COVID-19 started during Q1/20, and now we’re struggling to locate the funds and partner needed to complete the manufacturing process as we planned originally. We highly appreciate your support and patience!

        Given the high uncertainty of our situation, we chose not to post more updates as we really don’t know how it’ll pan out. Though we haven’t given up and are working with a credible investment banker (who believes in our venture and chose to work with us despite the difficulties) to find the best route forward.

        Sorry that we don’t have any good news to share, we’ll post an update soon…

        Take care and stay safe,
        The FoldiTeam

  3. Hello my name Shrinivas I’m form india city in mumbai. How long time the machines sale in india.? If

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