Improved Model Unveiling and Potential Partnership with BSH Home Appliances Group – Press Release

FoldiMate Inc., the Inventors of the Robotic Laundry Folding Machine Announced a Potential Partnership with BSH Home Appliances Group and Will Unveil an Improved Model During CES Las Vegas in Early January – Press Release

Oak Park, CALIFORNIA – (January 2, 2018) – FoldiMate Inc. the creator of a robotic laundry folding machine for home use, announced today that the company plans to unveil an improved model during CES Las Vegas in early January 2018, with technological advancements based on feedback they received from fans around the world. It is now simpler and faster, and has been completely redesigned so that it will suit any room. FoldiMate’s initial concept of its robotic laundry folding machine was shown for the first time to the public during CES 2017 and received strong interest both from the media and industry leaders.

“I started this journey with a humble goal to help out with laundry folding in my home. My family is eagerly waiting for our own FoldiMate and the team has worked hard to meet our expectations and those of fans around the world. We’re excited with the improved model and now we want it in our homes as soon as possible”, says Gal Rozov, Founder and CEO of FoldiMate.

Prior to the CES unveiling, FoldiMate has published a temporary website which partly shows the improved model and allows potential customers to pre-register to be invited to place an early pre-order. These are expected to be limited due to the demand FoldiMate has received to date.

FoldiMate also announces that they are exploring the opportunity to take their much anticipated robotic laundry folding model to market together with BSH Home Appliances Group. “Working with an industry leader like BSH means we will enjoy their vast experience and global reach and leading edge industrial capabilities, which we believe is the best way to meet our very challenging schedule and ambitions,” says Rozov.

The partnership between FoldiMate and Europe’s largest Home Appliances manufacturer BSH aims to join forces in order to evaluate business opportunities and exploring technical concepts for providing an innovative robotic laundry folding solution to consumers.

“As a startup, FoldiMate has demonstrated innovative thinking and agile product development for laundry folding solutions. Both BSH and FoldiMate are constantly striving to provide new benefits to consumers, therefore, we are very much looking forward to this partnership,” says Carsten Stelzer, Head of Product Division Laundry Care at BSH Home Appliances Group.

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About FoldiMate

FoldiMate Inc. is a California based startup committed to simplifying household chores affordably through technology, innovation and robotics. The company’s first robotic product, FoldiMate, will put an end to laundry folding in our homes as we know it.

About BSH

BSH is the largest manufacturer of home appliances in Europe and one of the market leaders worldwide. The global BSH brand portfolio includes amongst others Bosch, Siemens, Gaggenau and Neff.




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