Happy holidays and a quick update

Dear Fans and Supporters,

Having a fully functional laundry folder this past year was no longer purely a dream. The prototype exceeded our original expectations in both performance and early field test results.  

That’s why we have decided that instead of attending CES 2020, as we normally do, we will focus our efforts on further field tests (to validate the newly upgraded robotic algorithms). The results of these tests, together with the potential partnerships we’ve been working on lately (stay tuned 😉), should lead to more favorable terms as we approach potential investors to fund the costly manufacturing stage.

Like any startup, funding is a crucial resource needed for the survival and progress of the business. A few months ago, we were fortunate enough to successfully close a $638K bridge round, thanks to fans and supporters who believed in our vision and mission.
(Thanks again to you all 🙏, it means a lot and we don’t take it for granted!)

Despite best efforts and hard work, things don’t always go according to plan, especially when it comes to startups and new technology. The robotic folding solution we’ve developed shows great promise and positive market feedback, but the fundraising process and business development require a lot more time than planned.

This Christmas, FoldiMate will not be joining you (yet), but with a little more patience and a lot of conviction and persistence, FoldiMate will soon become an integral part of our daily life (at home and in businesses). We’ll keep you posted as we make progress.

Have a Merry Christmas,
The FoldiTeam

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22 thoughts on “Happy holidays and a quick update”

  1. So I write to you guys before my question if the The machine is ready to ship and if it’s ready to walk as far as commercial forwarding we have clothing stores up to 50 stores looking for Mechine to for T-shirts mostly all day long please write me back let me know thank you so much

    1. Thank you Eitan,
      We’re currently focusing on consumer usage units mainly. Either at home or in a shared location (vended). Will save your details and reach back when more relevant.

      Take care,
      The FoldiTeam

  2. I’am waiting for this machine. Please, I am checking my email often and hoping to see that my pre order y now an order . I wish the best always!!!!

  3. Hola, buenos días. Me gustaría saber para cuándo en España y si ya tienen representación aquí . Vivo en Canarias, y me gustaría proveer a mis islas de este gran producto. Mi correo es leticiagonzalezverona@gmail.com. Espero su respuesta.
    Un saludo.

    Leticia González

  4. Srs., afinal a Foldimate já está disponível para comercialização ou não?! Tenho uma lavanderia, tenho interesse em adquirir uma para testar e se der certo quero ser um distribuidor da máquina. Gostei muito do que vi, mas tenho algumas dúvidas. Aguardo retorno

      1. You haven’t had a blog post in nearly 3 months. I made my deposit almost 2 years ago. More transparency/more frequent updates would be appreciated.

        1. I agree. There is a ton of investment and rave reviews from the 26 or so households who tried it but it still isn’t ready? It has been 2 to 3 years for me.

          1. We know and fully understand if you’d like your deposit back.

            Delays and challenges that we didn’t foresee, especially due to COVID-19 pandemic, result in longer time than we had hoped. Rest assured, we do our best to overcome the challenges and move forward.

  5. In January 2018 I’ve made a deposit and I’m still waiting for the foldimate. I am a believer,but more than 2 years of patience is long.

    1. We appreciate your support and patience Yoshimi,
      As you know COVID-19 epidemic is not making our plans and challenges any easier. We’re doing the best we can, giving up is not an option.

      Take care,
      The FoldiTeam

  6. I’ve been on the wait list for two years now. I was both an in-home consumer research subject and tester for the prototype. I really believe in your product and your team. These extended periods of silence especially after you received SeedInvest funds is troublesome. I understand everything is a mess right now, but we need and deserve better and more frequent communication. It would be helpful to know if you are losing or recruiting new employees and what they are focusing on. How many hours a week is being spent on the broad categories of the plan? How many manufacturers have you received proposals from? Have you narrowed the ,sit of potential manufacturers down? What is the stumbling block and how do you plan to get over it? What support is needed from your customers and product evangelists?

    1. First, we’d like to thank you Daryl and all our evangelists. Your patience and support is well appreciated!

      You’re right, these are crazy times, reality changes quickly and we’re doing our best to adapt and preserver despite the staggering challenges ahead. We’ll try to share more as you asked, although, sometimes we just don’t have anything substantial to share as we explore different options and alternative. Rest assured we’re not giving up on enabling a folding free lifestyle to us all 🤞

      Take care,
      The FoldiTeam

  7. I’m just waiting for this…I have unfolded clothes everywhere 🤦🏻‍♂️ It’s like I’m a cave man having to put things on hangers for two hours…I don’t want to spend that time. Not to mention if I don’t fold or put them on hangers they become wrinkled…smdh I have your $1000-$2000 cash in hand or card whatever you want…I just need my machine

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