How to Clean Your Washing Machine Properly

Sometimes, we take our household washing machine and its magical traits for granted. Day-in Day-out, it characteristically stands in place waiting for us to fill it with our dirty clothes, out of sight and mind in between washes. However, this is a common mistake, and we must remember that washing machines need love too.

A huge part of maintaining a washing machine that will keep working well for years, is making sure that it is always properly clean and bacteria-free. This probably sounds like a tedious task but luckily, we’ve brought you the easiest tips on how to clean your washing machine in order keep it spick and span – just like the day you bought it!

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In this article we will explain how to clean your front-loading washing machine to last for years and preform perfectly on any setting. Don’t forget that a well working washing machine is one of the secrets to taking good care of your clothes.

So, if you love your clothes, you might find these tips quite handy. 

How to Clean Your Washing Machine Filter

Most washing machines have a filter that catches all of our coins, hair pins, and whatever small objects we forget in the depths of our pockets. The filter can usually be found on the front or side of our washing machine, behind a small hatch.

By keeping your filter clean regularly, you can easily prevent a build up of tiny objects and smelly water in the hatch. To clean it, simply unscrew the cap and pull out anything that’s clogging it. Cleaning the machine filter at least once a month will guaranty a long and prosperous life for your beloved washing machine.

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How to Clean Your Washing Machine Drawer

The drawer in the front of the washing machine was made for placing our favorite scented detergent and fabric softener. In time, different cleaning solutions that sometimes cling to the drawer can mix together and have a negative effect on an entire laundry load – leaving us with some pretty unreliable laundry results, as well as potentially blocking the machine entirely.

But, avoiding this monstrosity is quite simple.

What you need to do is remove the whole drawer and give it a good scrub with dishwashing liquid (or any other liquid of choice that’s good with removing oily surfaces). An old toothbrush can be incredibly helpful for the task at hand. If you spot any mould growing, use a specific mould and mildew product first, which can be applied and wiped off easily. You can also put the drawer in your dishwasher in the end for extra sparkle. Repeat this routine regularly and say goodbye to any mould, soap scum, limescale, or nasty germs.


How to Clean Your Washing Machine Drum

The main compartment where we toss in our laundry into is often at risk of staying humid and becoming a breeding ground for bacteria. But, simply running an empty wash every couple of months can easily remove odours and kill germs.

To clean your washing machine drum, set the empty cycle on the hottest setting and press ‘Start’. To get rid of dirty remains and soap scum, pour a teaspoon of white vinegar into the empty drum and run a second wash at high heat. Last but not least – after every wash, remember to keep the drum open and let the humidity out for as long as possible.

Doing this regularly will keep you in fresh clothes and a sparkling machine for years to come.


Have any tips and tricks on how you clean your washing machine? Let us know below!

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