How to Store Winter Clothes

Storing winter clothes is the ultimate clothes-storing challenge. The reason is that our winter clothes are naturally bigger and take up much more space than our breezy summer items. But worry not! We are here to lay out the ultimate guide on how to store your coats, jackets, boots, scarfs and all the other warm items that we love to wear when it’s cold out.


First Things First – Wash Away the Winter
To get started, make sure to throw everything in the washer for one last time, and dry them thoroughly. Oils that linger on clothes that originate from deodorant, perfumes and body lotion can harm the fabric over time. Washing your clothes before storing them will prevent all of this and will leave you with a fresh smelling winter collection that will patiently wait for your return. If you want to iron the items before storing them  there’s no need to use starch – it might attract bugs, and you don’t want that.


Prevent Smelliness
Musty smells from stored clothing can sometimes be hard to prevent, especially if you live in an old apartment or home, and apart from the pre-storage washing a good trick to reduce bad odors is to store them with lavender. Lavender is wonderful for scent and is also a good moth repellent. Lemon peels that dry naturally and don’t residue in clothes can create the same effect. 


Sweaters (And Some Dresses) Were Meant to Be Folded
To keep sweaters from losing their shape they should always be folded, even during the winter. Just like sweaters, some dresses could also be best maintained in storage when folded, but it really depends on the complexity of the item. Sporty and casual dresses that come in fabrics that won’t wrinkle easily can be kept safely folded along with your sweaters. If you own items that are regularly dry-cleaned, make sure NOT to store them in the plastic bags that they are returned in, to avoid a mildew fiasco.

5Your Shoes Need Love Too!
Our winter wear comes along with our winter shoes, and just like our clothes, they need some TLC too. To keep your shoes in good condition for the next season, make sure to clean them of the dirt and mud from winter weather by wiping the soles and cleaning the shoe with a delicate brush and designated cleaning materials. When they’re all spick and span – fill them up with white tissue paper to maintain their shape until you come back for them.


It’s tempting to just hang our bulky coats in the back of a closet and have them wait patiently for winter to come back. We’ve all been there. However, letting your coats hang throughout the warm season can ruin their shape as well as take up a lot of your hanging space. The best way to store coats is to fold them up and place them in a breathable bin.


Let Everything Breathe in the Dark
Generally avoiding plastic or carton boxes for seasonal storage is the best way to go. Plastic and cartons that can create a non-breathable environment can lead to bad odor and the potential yellowing of your items. The best way to store your items and keep your clothes in tact  would be in fabric bags or containers that are breathable. Also, avoid storing anything in a potentially damp basement or attic and find a cool dry place with no direct sunlight and no stuffy air to place all your bins and boxes instead.

It might seem like a bit of a hassle, but you will be thrilled to find all your winter clothes fresh and ready to wear right when the first chilly winter wind swings by and you’re looking for your favorite sweater.


We hope you find our FoldiTips helpful. Share your thoughts below and let us know if you have any other tips on how to store your winter clothes. We would love to get your insight!

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