How to Take Care of Clothes – 7 TIPS 

If you’ve ever had to see the colors on your favorite dress fade out, or pulled a hopelessly wrinkled shirt out of your closet, you realized the importance of knowing how to take care of your clothes. As summer cools down, the time has come to reassess your wardrobe and the way you maintain all your items. 

We all know how wonderful wearing a brand-new piece of clothing can feel, and how well nicely-treated fabrics can complement our presence wherever we go. So, we’re here to bring you the best tips and tricks on how to care of clothes and keep them in the best condition.

How to take care of your clothes 

Tip 1. First Things First – Dressing for the Task at Hand

It can be tempting to get house chores done while wearing whatever it is we wore at work, but that’s also a good way to ruin our favorite clothes with stains that might be tough to remove. Just like moms often make a distinction between their kids’ “play clothes” and “school clothes” – when getting into a potentially messy project, change into your house-wear before you dive in.

dress for task at hand

Tip 2. Obey the Laws of Color Separation

At the end of a long day, with piles of laundry waiting for you at home, it can be tempting to just throw the reds in with the yellows, but try to keep similar colors washed together. Reds and blues often come off a bit and we all know how one red sock can turn a whole load of whites into a light shade of pink. To keep your colors in tact – try your best to wash similar colors together.

separate laundry by colorTip 3. Turn Your Clothes Inside Out

It seems like the oldest trick in the book, but be sure to turn all your dresses, tops, and other items inside-out before throwing them into the washer. The washer’s spin cycle can put a lot of pressure on your fabrics, so it’s much better to have the inside of your clothes take the hit rather than the outside. Plus, if you’re washing something that has buttons – washing this way can prevent them from coming loose or falling off.

turn clothes inside out

Tip 4. Zip up Before Washing

Make sure that all zippers are zipped before throwing them in the wash. Unzipped zipper edges on pants and hoodies can wear and tear the rest of your clothing in no time if left unzipped during washing.

close zippers before washing

Tip 5. Pick the Right Washer Setting

Whether it’s a $10 shirt or a $100 dress, most clothes will live the longest when washed on the machine’s least-harsh setting. Depending on your washer, this could be labeled delicate, hand wash, or gentle. Using a delicate setting eliminates a lot of the wear your washer can inflict, and is especially great for delicate fabrics.

caring for clothes check washer settings

Tip 6. Folding vs. Hanging

The way we store our items affects how well they stay looking new and fresh. Make sure that you don’t fold clothes that need to be hung and don’t hang clothes that need to be folded.  Anything that can easily stretch out like knits, T-shirts and leggings – should be folded, because folding puts less stress on these materials. Garments that can wrinkle easily such as suits, dresses, and anything made of pure linen – are best kept on hangers.

should you fold or hand clothes?

Tip 7. Store Your Clothes Wisely

Choose a storage space that’s clean and stays cool, dark and dry. A clean and dry storage space is key to long living clothing items. Before choosing a storage space, consider whether you might want to wear any items between seasons. If that’s the case, try to find them a place in your closet to prevent opening and closing your storage space too often throughout the season.

care for clothes store wisely

How do you prefer to wash your clothes? Have any more tips on how to take care of your clothes and keep them looking new? If you do, tell us what you think and leave a comment below!

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