IMPORTANT NOTICE – Fraudulent Copycat Websites

Updated 12 January, 2019

Unfortunately we have seen additional websites imitating FoldiMate over the last few days.  We are also receiving a number of reports about Facebook and Instagram posts and ads.

These sites are fraudulent and are attempting to collect payments from customers wishing to buy FoldiMate. FoldiMate cannot be held liable for payments to these unauthorized websites. The only authorized website is

These are the websites we are aware of to date. We will update this list as we become aware of additional websites:

  • chievoe
  • techhelms
  • setcoming
  • Shopmybest
  • Beorly
  • Seeuper (IG page running sponsored ads)
  • Buyfolding
  • Matefold
  • Vipsalemate
  • Lifevipmate
  • Placedmill (Facebook page)

If you are aware of additional websites please let us know by sending information via this form.

Thanks for your attention,

Your Folding Mates

10 thoughts on “IMPORTANT NOTICE – Fraudulent Copycat Websites”

  1. Just got ripped off fo $198 and they used the website address listed below as the shop where the foldimate could be purchased. I received emails from this site confirming my order and then the next day from the same sit confirmation of shipment

  2. Yo ise un pago de 198 dólares que supuestamente era un especial y medieron un código de confirmación

  3. Yes there is a fellow advertising Foldimate via Alibaba. He is selling two machines at US $ 500.
    I am in West Australia. His name is Luciano and claims to be trading out of California via Alibaba. Offers air freight vi DHL. Payment required via Western Union or Bitcoin. Smells bad. Please follow up.
    I am really interested in this machine and it it worries me that a legitimate Company is subjected to this kind of fraud.
    I have his conversation on Whatsapp. Will forward if you require. Also claims to sell through UAE.
    Michael Warner

    1. You are right Michael,
      It is SCAM, we do our best to take down these sites and others we spot or learn from our fans, but sometimes it’s beyond our reach.
      Either way, we hope that most people are wise enough to see that it doesn’t make sense and suspect before they make a payment which they will eventually loose.

      Take care,
      The FoldiTeam

  4. Are you sure about alibaba.Most of the peoples having own factories. They also said foldimate can iron and fold clothes together. Is that anybody order from alibaba.I ordered two times with trade insurance sellers cancel the order and want money through another way.
    Just thinking.

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