What Do The Washing Symbols On Our Clothes Tags Mean?

Have you ever noticed the different kinds of mysterious symbols on the back of the tags of our clothes? Most of us usually ignore them. But, besides being artistic pictograms these care labels are actually guides that teach us about the recommended methods of cleaning, washing and ironing are for each clothing item that we have.  

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Appliances That Make Chores Easy For Kids

Humankind has been busy inventing clever devices that can help us with our home chores for centuries. At this moment, engineers around the globe are sitting in their lab or garage and working on creating the world’s next life-changing technology. 

Even though most appliances still require a human to push the buttons, they help us save time and take care of our tedious house work for us. Our modern conveniences also allow us to share the load of house chores with every member of the family, especially with our kids. Continue reading “Appliances That Make Chores Easy For Kids”

How To Easily Remove Tough Stains From Clothes

You borrow a cute dress from your best friend who happens to be an expert in taking good care of her clothes. Naturally, it took a while of convincing and when she finally gave in, she looked you straight in the eyes and made you swear on your life to return it in one piece. 

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How to Store Winter Clothes

Storing winter clothes is the ultimate clothes-storing challenge. The reason is that our winter clothes are naturally bigger and take up much more space than our breezy summer items. But worry not! We are here to lay out the ultimate guide on how to store your coats, jackets, boots, scarfs and all the other warm items that we love to wear when it’s cold out.

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Foldimate Announces National Laundry Folding Week to Promote Donations of Gently Worn Clothes to Families in Need – Press Release

Foldimate Announces National Laundry Folding Week to Promote Donations of Gently Worn Clothes to Families in Need.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE – Fraudulent Copycat Websites

Updated 12 January, 2019

Unfortunately we have seen additional websites imitating FoldiMate over the last few days.  We are also receiving a number of reports about Facebook and Instagram posts and ads.

These sites are fraudulent and are attempting to collect payments from customers wishing to buy FoldiMate. FoldiMate cannot be held liable for payments to these unauthorized websites. The only authorized website is www.foldimate.com.

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Looking Back at CES2018

It’s a Wrap!

Dearest FoldiFans,
As you probably know, we returned from CES 2018 Las Vegas just a few weeks ago, and now we can finally take a moment to recapture this epic event and tell you all about our FoldiExperience.

We are fully aware that people are waiting for a technological solution to help with the tedious chore of laundry folding, but we didn’t imagine, in our wildest dreams, that FoldiMate would create the amount of excitement that we experienced at our CES booth this year. We are truly humbled by all of the love and interest that we received throughout the event, and would like to take a moment to thank everyone who visited us or watched and shared the content we posted. Continue reading “Looking Back at CES2018”

The #NeedAFOLDIMATE #CES2018 Contest Winner!

Hey there!

We are so excited to have met you all at CES 2018!

It’s hard to sum up the experience we had this year at the world’s largest display of innovation and wonder, but we will do our very best to tell you all about it in the next FoldiBlog post.

In the meanwhile, we must announce the winner of the annual #NeedAFoldiMate #CES2018 competition from our FoldiBooth!

To compete, you were requested to write ‘why you need a FoldiMate’, take a pic at our booth and post it on your social media with #NeedAFoldiMate #CES2018. Competitors were absolutely awesome and it was so fun to have you guys with us. We hope you enjoyed the FoldiMadness and we can’t wait to see you again next year. Continue reading “The #NeedAFOLDIMATE #CES2018 Contest Winner!”