Robotic Laundry Folders Market Potential

Tractica Robotics Industry Report, 2017
  • What is the potential market size of FoldiMate and robotic laundry folders?
  • Who are the customers that will likely purchase a FoldiMate?
  • How do we deal with future competition?

I’ll try to address these points as you evaluate the opportunity to join us as an investor.

Starting with Six Million US Families

Based on surveys we ran among 350,000 fans who registered on the pre-order waitlist, we learned that our likely customer is a one in a household with a large enough home (over 1,000 sq/ft) and with an income of over $100k/year. There are more than 30M US households that match this criterion.

Initially, we will focus our efforts on families who have at least one child of age 6 and above. The burden of having to fold weekly laundry with kids makes the chore more substantial. There are 6M US families that match this criterion.

We also see that those who show interest in FoldiMate are more likely to hate folding and think of sharing this chore with others in the household, including the kids. FoldiMate not only makes it faster, but also fun so that everyone will want to use it.

That’s why 690K US shared laundry locations are an attractive B2B vertical to service as well. This way, anyone could pay a few dollars and FoldiMate their laundry.

A new product category

iRobot sold a million Roomba units within three years of its debut back in 2002. If you compare this (once new) product category to laundry folding in fact RobotVacs is a sub-category of vacuum cleaners, whereas FoldiMate defines an entirely new product category that doesn’t have any viable automated alternative to date.

Over 15 years after Roomba was introduced – iRobot still holds 85% of the North American market and over 60% globally

With a $2B market cap, you could say it is thanks to iRobot’s first-mover advantage and for establishing a strong brand, which we hope to reproduce with FoldiMate.

His tenacity in pushing the industry forward is reminiscent of the perseverance of Cochran in the nineteenth century, who set out to free women from the bondage of dirty dishes by proclaiming, “If nobody else is going to invent a dish washing machine, I’ll do it myself!”

Laundry robots could get foothold in the home for automation,

Staying ahead of the competition

We hear of big brands who are already working on concepts of laundry folders, Haier, for example. It’s a race to overcome the challenges of robotic folding which revolves around intellectual property and keeping the solution practical.

Compared to Laundroid, we have spent considerably less budget and time on R&D. As far as we know we are the only ones who have  conducted an early field pilot – folding thousands of people’s laundry items.

Keeping the robotic algorithms encrypted and capitalizing on collected data from future units will help us stay ahead of the game and force the large players to try and find ways around our IP and achievements (or give us an offer we can’t refuse 😄).

Right now the consumer robotics industry is estimated to be a $5.5 billion industry and is expected to have explosive growth in the next five years.

Seeking Alpha, March 11 2019

We plan to capitalize on this explosive trend!

Now you see why we’re so passionate and optimistic about the future, invest in FoldiMate while you still can.

Your Folding Mate,
Gal Rozov
Founder & CEO

P.S. I’d love to receive your feedback and answer more questions. Post it in the comments section below, or better yet, join me for a 30 min webinar.

36 thoughts on “Robotic Laundry Folders Market Potential”

  1. While the concept is fab… the unit is just too big. The prototype needs to be worked on in order to accommodate existing spaces. I have a large home, but I sure can’t spare the space needed for the fold mate.
    Sorry… I wish it were smaller…
    Jodey MacQueen

  2. Can this be made in a smaller version? I think it would be more attractive to the people who have smaller apartments.

    1. The updated prototype will be slightly smaller. Lower and slightly narrower. At the moment we can’t make it much smaller than that if we are to fold the items we are promising.

  3. Are you planning to expose the product for international market. In specific , middle east market. Im willing to invest taking in consideration exclusive distribution rights.

      1. I also made some investment to secure the waiting list. But i haven’t received any updates since 2019.

        1. Dear Nur,
          Rest assured that your deposit is refundable any time you wish. Please read our latest blog post for progress updates and stay tuned.

          Take care,
          The FoldiTeam

  4. Hello,

    We are opening a laundromat here in Curacao, we find it very interesting to add the foldimate to our inventory.
    Do you have also a commercial version ??
    Does it folds also bedlinnens etc ??
    When can we expect to buy the foldimate, when are they available.

    Thanks and kind regards,
    Gloria Hellburg

  5. Hi Team we have one doubt depends tiz product we can be use ladies (girls) top and bottom, legend, chudithar, then sarees, kudha can be possible to iron because most of girls wearing traditional that’s wat can u please drop message

    We are planning to open new project new consignee in this machine it will be successful we r plan to buy more than 20 nos

    1. Hi,
      FoldiMate doesn’t iron the garments, it only folds. We’re also not sure about sarees and long traditional clothing, it depends on the length – not more than 1.4m.

      Take care,
      The FoldiTeam

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