The #NeedAFOLDIMATE #CES2018 Contest Winner!

Hey there!

We are so excited to have met you all at CES 2018!

It’s hard to sum up the experience we had this year at the world’s largest display of innovation and wonder, but we will do our very best to tell you all about it in the next FoldiBlog post.

In the meanwhile, we must announce the winner of the annual #NeedAFoldiMate #CES2018 competition from our FoldiBooth!

To compete, you were requested to write ‘why you need a FoldiMate’, take a pic at our booth and post it on your social media with #NeedAFoldiMate #CES2018. Competitors were absolutely awesome and it was so fun to have you guys with us. We hope you enjoyed the FoldiMadness and we can’t wait to see you again next year.

Here’s a small glimpse of some of our amazing CES2018 FoldiContestants; 

1200X900 CES contest.jpg

Sadly, there can only be one winner…

Having that we always have families with piles of laundry in mind, and since we have quite the sensibility to all you daddy’s around the world who would like to help with the laundry folding just like our founder & CEO, Gal Rozov – there was one photo that really caught our eye this year…

Congratulations @harmonicseriesinc!

You are the winner of the #NeedAFoldiMate Annual #CES2018 Contest!


We will contact you via Social Media to retrieve your info and get ready to send over your FoldiMate once we begin shipments!

Great job everybody. Stay tuned on our social media channels for the next contest…

Until then, here’s a sneak peek to our CES2018 recap…

CES2018 Sneak peek.jpg

Take Care!
Your Folding Mates


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