What Chores Should We Give Our Kids?

We all agree that our kids should be helping with the household chores but what chores should we give our kids? If you have pre-teenagers, what chores can we give to 3 – 11 year olds?

If you start giving your children simple chores when they are young they are more likely to continue helping you as they grow older, plus they might really enjoy helping you. Start with a few chores that you can do together with your child, they will not only enjoy the time with you, but it will make him feel big. Remember those days when you wanted to feel big? Yes of course you do!

We recommend letting your child help with any chores if they ask if they can try. For them it is a game, so why not let them play?

We have created an infographic for different chores you can give your kids according to their age, however, every child is different and if your 4 year old wants to help you weed the garden then let them. Just make sure they don’t think those tiny new seedlings you just bought from the nursery are weeds and pull them all out!

If your child doesn’t want to help with the chores you could consider incentivizing them. Davina Donovan is a psychologist who works with children and says that there is evidence that the most effective form of reward to increase desired behaviour is positive reinforcement, therefore, if your  child does a small chore you could offer a small reward.

Below is an infographic suggesting chores for 3 – 11 year olds:

Chores for kids - Infographic.png

If you have any other ideas for what chores we should give our kids, or how you can get kids to help with chores, please share them below.

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